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Taking care of any single detail.

My name is Luis Ferrer and I have been working for more than 6 years as a Sworn Translator certified by Spainís Dept. of State (MAEC), rendering a translation service of legal and technical documents for law firms, investment funds, SICAVs, asset managers and public institutions among others in several European countries.

Within the EU Internal Market framework, the new regulations are creating a new ground for a larger investment market, such as UCITS IV, leading to new documents to be drafted and translated (KIID).

In order to cope with a growing demand, I cooperate with a team of certified language experts with extensive experience and higher education in the legal and financial fields. We are devoted to providing customers with a more specific service.

Our mission is straightforward: to help customers build confidence in foreign markets by ensuring that their messages are effective, attractive and truly reflect their original spirit.

Currently, our service includes any combination of English, French, German and Spanish. We will be gradually expanding our language combinations in the future, as we are carefully building relationships with trusted professionals.

If you are a professional translator or financial consultant and would like to collaborate, please donít hesitate to contact us at any time.

We will be posting interesting resources on this site for translators and other language professionals. I hope you find them helpful.