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Quality Development

A Better Service Every Day.

Building confidence and keeping a long-term relationship are the two first objectives. Beyond the EN 15038:2006 standard requirements, we also need to satisfy other specific requirements from customers and regulators in capital markets.

Please find below the quality values you can obtain while hiring this service:

Legal Terms.

Due to the legal implications of the documents, quality and consistency must be checked throughout all stages. Term databases are regularly updated and revised, consulting reliable sources before and after any project.

Consultants in the legal and financial industries (not translators) shall revise the final text to ensure an accurate proof-reading through anonymous excerpts under a confidentiality agreement previously signed.

In any case, we will need a permanent contact in your company so as to clarify important questions, understand your particular corporate jargon and clarify ambiguities during the whole process.


We undertake to treat your business in the strictest confidence, including data relating to your sectors, facts and relations, organizational details and product information not yet accessible to the public. We maintain secrecy with regard to third parties even after our working relationship has expired.

Sensitive Customer Data is encrypted before starting the translation process and consultations. Customer Data shall never be shared with third parties. If strictly necessary, data shall only be shared under the Customerís previous consent.

All Associates sign a confidentiality agreement before accepting any assignment. Under no circumstances shall Associates have access to customerís confidential data.

No sensitive information is stored in translation records nor memory software (CAT tools). All files and documents are stored in a secured fashion consistent with any Standard Operating Procedures. Files are encrypted before transmitted on removable media - USB drive, DVD, hard-disk. No online file backup services are used in the production process.


Time is valuable. Regarding technical documents, a single translator may produce an average amount of 2,500 words per day. You have the guarantee that your assignment will be done in time no matter how tight your deadline might be. You will always receive a realistic estimation of time.

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