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The Difference

A Blue-Chip Language Service for your Partners Abroad.

Ferrer López & Associates is an integrated language service specialized in the financial and legal areas for capital markets and corporations. Made up of specialists with a legal and financial background, we are devoted to delivering a timely solution to very specific needs.

If your company offers a financial product to investors abroad or needs to submit documents to foreign regulators, you need to invest in professionals who can understand the technical concepts and legalese.

This service can offer you a team of translators, editors and financial consultants with the perfect combination of industry expertise, legal knowledge and language skills to provide a cost-effective production.


Financial literature contains a myriad of technical data. Any subtle mistake can lead to misleading messages or a potential conflict of interests.

Thanks to this specialized service, we can offer you:

  • Full precision in terminology
  • Technical concepts expressed in a natural way
  • Consistency achieved with CAT technology
  • Respect for your corporate-specific terms.

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We undertake to treat your business in the strictest confidence, including data and product information not yet accessible to the public. We maintain secrecy with regard to third parties even after our working relationship has expired.

  • Sensitive data is hidden before starting the translation process
  • Sensitive data is not stored in translation memory software
  • Encrypted messages are accepted.

Feel free to have your confidentiality agreement signed before starting our working relationship.

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Added Value.

We are always flexible to provide you with the best service to cover your particular needs.

  • Quote prices are final and communication is fluent, no surprises
  • The more you work with us, the lower your costs
  • Prompt delivery and availability for tight deadlines

Did you have a document translated which was later modified? This happens too often, but it doesn’t have to cost you extra money. Please contact us today and find out how.

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